Exquisite Estates, Luxury Oakville Homes for Sale  and the Cultured Good Life

Oakville, the tiny hamlet that lies just south of Rutherford and north of Yountville, has a population of around 70 people and is internationally known as the home of the legendary Robert Mondavi Winery.

It is coveted for its limited amount of Oakville real estate and its famed Oakville appellation producing outstanding Cabernet Sauvignon. The most expensive grapes in the valley come from the highly acclaimed To Kalon vineyard, owned by Andy Beckstoffer, who is the fifth largest vineyard owner in Napa Valley. Wine lovers from around the world make special trips to visit cult wineries like Harlan, Bond, Opus, Silver Oak, Far Niente, Swanson, The Vineyard House and Paradigm to stock their wine cellars, and as a bonus — visit the famed Oakville Grocery store for exquisite local delicacies.

Oakville Grocery Store and Oakville Real Estate by Latife Hayson

Oakville Grocery Store

This upscale grocery store is virtually visited by every cyclist, limo, and tourist who stops in Oakville. Serving the community since 1881, this beloved store has made it their mission to be the “gathering place for locals and visitors to enjoy the best in handcrafted, locally sourced food and wine.” The store has a fabulous deli, bakery items, espresso, cheeses, and delicacies.

Robert Mondavi Winery

Known for his passion and unrelenting marketing of Napa Valley wines, Robert Mondavi (1913-2008) is credited with putting Napa Valley wines on the map internationally. His wife, Margrit Mondavi (1925-2016), helped Robert by pairing remarkable wines with great food and fantastic art. The husband and wife team worked together to endow Napa Valley with the incredible lifestyle that locals and visitors enjoy today…

Oakville Homes for Sale by Latife Hayson
As one of the first wineries to offer tours and tastings — they are committed to educating guests with their world-renowned visitor program. Come and enjoy a wine tasting at this historic winery where, according to the owners, one can enjoy “wine tastings of hand-crafted wines to suit every palate.”

Far Niente Winery

It is believed that this winery holds the oldest intact bottle of California wine in existence. Far Niente is known for hosting spectacular events which attract people from all over the world. They host ballet, symphony, and opera performances — always taking place under the moon and stars in a spectacular setting, followed by extravagant dinners in exquisitely designed tents. Far Niente is considered to be one of the most magnificent properties in all of Napa Valley.

Oakville AVA

To the east, the two miles wide Oakville AVA extends up 600 feet into the Vaca Mountains and west to the Mayacama Mountains. Arguably, this appellation produces the most expensive and sought after Cabernet Sauvignon in Napa Valley and is home to many distinguished wineries, such as: Dalla Valle, Harlan Estate, Opus One, Screaming Eagle, Bond, Futo, and Lokoya.

Is Buying Oakville Real Estate Right For You?

Oakville is an exclusive and peaceful community with a small-town charm that many people are searching for. With an abundance of world-famous wine, stunning real estate, and incredible events — Oakville offers locals and visitors a unique experience that cannot be had anywhere else. Is it time to consider buying Oakville real estate? Talk to Latife if you’re looking for Oakville homes for sale today.

Oakville Real Estate by Latife Hayson