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The town of Napa is the largest community in the internationally acclaimed Napa Valley. It was founded in 1847, and since the dot com days, downtown Napa has been undergoing a renaissance. So if you haven’t been there for a while you won’t believe both the physical and lifestyle changes. In the mid-1800s Napa was an important way-station for California’s Gold Rush, a regional center for such varied commercial endeavors as tanneries and prune processing. The town has since evolved into a center of hospitality for the food and wine industries. Although most former Napa residents were blue collar workers, today its workforce is heavily employed by the tourism industry.

“Restaurant Row,” now a fixture on Napa’s Main Street, is the latest outgrowth of Napa Valley’s prospering wine industry, which began with a single winery in the town of Napa. Although the community’s approximately 77,000 residents take great pride in its improvements and popularity, they are also known for respecting and celebrating the history manifested in charming historic districts and beautiful Victorian-era homes. A low crime rate, clean air and great weather make Napa a fine place to visit. Buy your own piece of Napa real estate in a vacation home or settle down and raise a family. Search for a beautiful house for sale in Napa CA to make wonderful memories for your family.

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Oxbow Public Market

The ever popular Oxbow Public Market is located in downtown Napa next to CIA Copia on the Napa River. Known as the “local gathering place for great food and wine,” many come here to see the rows of artisanal cafes, local food vendors, and organic produce. If you wish to dine here with several people — you will be glad to know that you won’t be locked into one experience. The seating is central to the market so you can choose from various cuisines and you can’t go wrong as the food is fabulous.

La Toque

Chef Ken Frank, a self-taught chef with a long illustrious career in the food industry, has earned a Michelin star at La Toque every year since its inception in 2008. This establishment is also a recipient of Wine Spectator’s greatest honor, a grand award for their wine list and service excellence.
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Creating a bridge between the native Japanese and American palate, Morimoto is home to Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto and is critically acclaimed for its ability to blend a diverse catalog of ingredients from two cultures. Because of this unique outtake on cuisine, this establishment has placed itself as a foremost attraction among the food world.

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Having undergone a renaissance, Napa is no longer just a wine destination but a world renowned attraction in its own right. There’s great hotels, inns, endless fabulous restaurants, wine bars, live music and of course BottleRock Napa Valley.

Furthering this town’s appeal, you can visit the city’s downtown art walk for the day. Among the plethora of activities here, you can enjoy a wide-range of acts which perform at the Opera House and the Uptown Theatre, or even see the town and its landscape from far above on a Napa Valley Hot Air Balloon. Is it time to consider moving? Talk to Latife if you’re planning to buy Napa real estate today.

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