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Record-Breaking 2016 Napa County Grape Harvest by the Numbers

A bountiful  harvest in 2016 made for an exceptional year here in Napa Valley. The value for agricultural production broke records, and nearly all of the revenue comes from the Napa County grape harvest. Here are the numbers you need to know:

Total Agricultural Production Value
· $737.3 million in 2016
· $720.8 million in 2014 (Previous Record)

Value for Grapes
· $729.5 million in 2016
· $714.8 million in 2014 (Previous Record)

Following a lower crop year in 2015 (due to poor weather), the increase in grape yields for 2016 appear to be quite dramatic:
· 153,046 tons in 2016, a 23% increase from 2015

Last year, Napa County had more than 43,000 acres of producing vineyards, which is equivalent to:
· 67 square miles, which is almost 4 times the size of the city of Napa

Napa Valley is known for growing the best Cabernet Sauvignon in the world, and the numbers in the 2016 crop report reflect that. Cabernet was the county’s highest yielding grape in 2016, and it also received the highest price per ton.

Napa Valley’s Most Plentiful Grapes
· 66,893 tons of Cabernet Sauvignon
· 25,922 tons of Chardonnay
· 14,916 tons of Merlot

Top Prices for Red Grapes
· $7,144 per ton for Cabernet Franc
· $6,830 per ton for Cabernet Sauvignon
· $6,024 per ton for Petit Verdot

Top Prices for White Grapes
· $4,250 per ton for Roussanne
· $2,675 per ton for Chardonnay

While grapes dominate in Napa Valley, the county’s 2016 report includes additional categories in agriculture. Categories that decreased in value were impacted by the drought.

· $456,900 in 2016
· $300,300 in 2015

Vegetables (includes artichokes, eggplants, kohlrabi, lettuce, potatoes and turnips)
· $294,900 in 2016
· $367,700 in 2015

Non-Grape and Non-Olive Fruits and Nuts
· $384,900 in 2016
· $272,300 in 2015

· $2.7 million in 2016
· $1.2 million in 2015

· $614,300 in 2016
· $625,500 in 2015

Floral and Nursery Production (includes lavenders, begonias, poinsettias, vegetable starts, cut flowers and trees)
· $2.1 million in 2016
· $2.5 million in 2015

crop report in napa

What an amazing year for Napa Valley. With a record-breaking three-quarters-of-a-billion dollars, the 2016 Napa County grape harvest proves that agriculture can remain the dominant industry of Napa County – which is valuable to everyone who lives here, grape growers and non-grape growers alike.

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