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Have You Checked Your Architect Inspired Horoscope?

One of my favorite guilty pleasures is reading my horoscope, so when I found out about the new Architect Inspired Horoscopes called Star(chitect)s, featured in the national edition of, I just had to share it with you. See how closely your star sign aligns with your favorite architects and designers:

  • Virgos are compared to Renzo Piano, because, like a squirrel hoards acorns, these architects hoard projects to last through the winter.
  • For Libras, a Bjarke Ingels type is your architect because they seek authentic and tangible objects to weigh them down in times of crisis.
  • Scorpions are compared to Zaha Hadid: unyielding, insistent, and blessed with visions of the future.
  • Sagittarians can relate to Oscar Niemeyer‘s dual selves: the head of a man paired with the body of an animal.
  • Capricorns are compared to LA-based architect Thom Maynefor their ability to accidentally transform into the final version of themselves.
  • Aquarians and Grete Lihotzkyare tasked with righting the wrongs of others.
  • If your sign is Pisces, think Luis Barragán because you must surround yourself with quiet and profound reminders of your own divinity or else you will forget that you are a god.
  • The Aries architect like Mies Van Der Roheis more methodical than your typical Aries, but no less stubborn.
  • Those under the sign of Taurus can relate to Peter Zumthor because this earth sign should bask in materiality and solitude.
  • Like Lebbeus Woods, the Gemini must trust their inherent duality to take them far, far away, and then—the moment they’re about to lose hope—it will drop them off exactly where they’re meant to be
  • Cancer and Philip Johnsonare in a constant state of falling in and out of love with different versions of themselves and, just as quickly, forgetting the version they had been before.
  • If Leo is your sign, you must abide by Eileen Gray‘s example in order to not be insufferable and claim the royalty you were born with.

I hope you find this info about the new Architect Inspired Horoscope entertaining. If your future includes purchasing property in Napa Valley or Sonoma, please contact me at 707-738-4820 or email [email protected]. I am happy to share my insider information on quiet offerings of wineries, vineyards, estates, new construction and homes here, as well as the extraordinary properties that are not available on the open market.

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