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6 Smart Home Devices You’ll Love for Your Luxury Estate

A luxury estate should blend interior and exterior beauty as well as make use of the best in smart home technology. There are so many choices in premium smart home devices to enhance your estate. Some of these devices, like Plume, not only provide powerful Wi-Fi connectivity, but they also allow you to see and control every device that’s being used throughout your property. Plume is one of the most exciting services I’ve learned about recently. Along with it, I’ve assembled a list of additional devices you may want to consider.

Which Smart Home Device Could Best Enhance Your Estate and Lifestyle?

It seems as though the sky’s the limit in home technology. I’ve investigated some of the most interesting devices and services that offer more than consumer-level choices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

Uninterrupted Estate-Wide Wi-Fi Coverage and Security Controls Using Plume’s Adaptive Smart Home Technology

Smart Home Technology for Vineyards and Winery EstatesPlume’s adaptive Wi-Fi provides essential coverage for estates and other larger homes with multiple rooms. As we all know, traditional home Wi-Fi may be suitable for smaller homes and apartments, but it loses its effectiveness in larger spaces. For a smart, connected estate, a service like Plume is essential.

Plume’s coverage is offered through SuperPods, a powerful cloud-based Wi-Fi tech that provides connectivity in every room, including through walls. The SuperPods can connect to provide a mesh of Wi-Fi coverage throughout any estate and grounds. It’s no surprise that Plume has been featured by Engadget and profiled in Forbes. The superior approach and tech design offered by Plume solves so many Wi-Fi challenges.

Plume also filters out suspicious or problem content, and it will allow you to quarantine and remove any devices from your home network that may present a problem. It also protects against ransomware, malware and other attacks. You can offer a better experience to visitors with custom passwords and connectivity, protecting your own devices while allowing visitors the connectivity they need. Finally, Plume uses GPS to determine your location and the locations of visitors, offering whole-home awareness. Plume automatically knows when and whether you’re home and can tell the difference between you, visitors and pets.

The Leading Smart Home Device Controller for Lighting and Windows

Lutron is considered the industry leader in smart home lighting and window controls. Lutron’s software and equipment can be installed throughout a luxury estate, supporting individual room control for guests and ultimate control of the entire estate’s lighting and window shades. Simple, yet sophisticated software and dashboards enable fingertip control of your lighting and window coverings. While Lutron’s products have an interior design and mood focus, the company also supports security lighting systems, which can be integrated throughout your estate.

Crestron Uses Mobile Device Controls for Refined Smart Home Technology

What Lutron does for lighting and window coverings, Crestron does for home entertainment and in-home screen displays and other entertainment systems. Although Crestron’s tech also offers window shading and lighting solutions controlled through your mobile device, the company’s primary focus is A/V solutions. Many of Crestron’s products can go from the boardroom or workspace into the home. Crestron’s home products seamlessly blend environmental controls, entertainment systems and home security. Crestron can provide estate-wide controls for climate, lighting, temperature and security.

Choose Among Several Innovative Smart Devices With LG’s ThinQ Suite

First, I’ve been told the right way to refer to LG’s suite of AI products for the home is as “think-Que.” Second, LG isn’t the only company to make smart refrigerators and heating and air conditioning systems, but their creativity is admirable and worth consideration.

LG introduced some fascinating devices at the Las Vegas Computer Electronics Show last month. One of them is an intelligent refrigerator door, which includes a mirrored smart screen that provides biometric security services and two built-in secure package receptacles, one for non-perishable, the other for perishable goods. No official launch date is available for LG’s intelligent door, but its technology builds on LG’s InstaView refrigerator, which includes a glass panel that allows you to see the contents by knocking twice. LG’s home refrigerators also keep track of food and can suggest recipes. The Korean company has also developed indoor home gardens that plug into the side of their refrigerators. For those of us who enjoy our wardrobes, LG has also introduced dressing room mirrors that scan your body and allow you to try clothes on virtually. This has to be one of the most innovative time-savers yet!

The Latest in Smart Home Technology for Televisions

The 2020 Las Vegas CES introduced its usual array of astonishing and impressive video technology. Among the interesting screens was Samsung’s Sero TV – a 4K OLED television that connects to your phone. The Sero TV is a large screen that automatically rotates from landscape to portrait mode as you use your Android phone.

Also at the show were continued innovations in Frame TVs from Samsung and LG. Frame TVs are very thin and easily able to be mounted like artwork, and they convert to gallery-quality art when not used as televisions. OLED technology is supporting many innovative, high-quality television approaches. You have certainly seen 8K television, and like all newer video technology, any improvement will inspire immediate enthusiasts. But I’ve been told that the difference between 4K and 8K video displays isn’t as noticeable as one might think. Display size and viewer distance determine whether people can determine the higher number of display pixels indicated in 8K televisions or not.

Philips OLED 804 is one of the most attractive newer high-end televisions, which offers a colored light backdrop and provides a sleek Nordic design that may suit your taste. Philips models also interface seamlessly with smart home systems.

Smart Vineyard Irrigation and Management

A number of vineyards in Napa Valley are using smart irrigation systems. Some of the leaders in this segment include WaterBit and Tule Technologies. All of the smart irrigation systems combine remote sensing capability with water-saving, efficient irrigation systems. WaterBit supports fine-tuning of irrigation to sub-block level in the vineyard. It’s controlled by a mobile app, and it allows the vineyard manager to balance vine stress and sugars, along with soil moisture, preventing areas from becoming too wet or dry.

Tule Technologies’ irrigation system has earned excellent press because of its ability to sense how much water vines are using and how much they are releasing as water vapor each day. In combination with weather forecasts and the company’s FieldStat readings, Tule Technologies’ systems provide very precise control of moisture and irrigation.

Intelligent Landscaping Irrigation and Management

I’ve also recently witnessed RainMachine’s smart WiFi-powered sprinkler systems in action. The RainMachine company was inspired to develop intelligent, better irrigation systems because of the endless troubles we’re all familiar with in traditional sprinkler systems. RainMachine is a genuinely “smart” sprinkler system that automatically senses how much moisture plants and soil are losing each day. It adjusts itself automatically to provide the exact amount of water needed.

Choose the Smart Home Devices and Technology That Best Fit Your Lifestyle and Estate

Your choices in smart home technology may seem unlimited, but as we all know, technology should be integrated seamlessly with your lifestyle. From ways to manage vineyard irrigation at the touch of your smartphone to providing seamless Wi-Fi coverage and control with a service like Plume, you have nearly unlimited choices of a smart home device for your luxury estate.

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